Token Conversion Campaign

A second chance for your community, a bespoke solution for you

The Infireum team consists of experts who have been part of the fintech space since as early as 2017.

The pioneers and specialists in the team have been helping tokenised projects such as yours develop strategies for business development, community onboarding and management, and compliance. Through the amalgamation of our experience, we have zeroed in on the pain points of thousands of projects to design our cutting-edge token conversion solution. Find out if our service is the right one for you.

8 Common Facts That Project Owners Can Relate To

Competing Projects Have A Larger War Chest

Project Oversupply

Concept easily copied by other bad actors

Marketing Has Poor ROI

Expensive Marketing

Marketing cost more than product development

Market Making Drains Finances

Market Making

Market making to stabilise price is costly

Victim of Market Manipulation

Market Manipulation

Pump & Dump target project for quick profits

Getting Listed On Exchanges Is Costly

Exchange Listing

High listing fee on most exchanges

Constant Pressure From Your Community

Wrong Audience

Retail investors with “Get Rich Quick” mindset

Market Sentiment Has Been Absolutely Bearish

Market Sentiment

Less confidence in the Bear Market

Regulations Cripple Development Speeds

Clearer Regulation

Lawmakers issuing & enforcing clearer regulations

If you can identify with one or more of these problems, great news!

We can help.

The Infireum Ecosystem

The Infireum Ecosystem is a top-notch, one-of-a-kind solution that aims to solve the most common pain points of many projects. If your community is getting impatient, losing confidence or suffering from investments losses, the IE Token Conversion can help ease community dissatisfaction by providing a mechanism for your community to convert at their token’s all time high (IE Token Conversion), in return receiving stable value digital vouchers, IE, that can be immediately used in the e-commerce platform component of the Infireum ecosystem solution.

How Can Your Project Benefit?

Tokens are swapped at the all-time high, so that your community enjoys the best value during the swap campaign.
There is an immediate use case for your current community. One of the key factors influencing the sentiment of a cryptocurrency project is the use case, which would help to boost the confidence the users have in your project and its continued development.

As the token supply falls, demand-supply dynamics are positively affected, and price of tokens are likely to improve.

How It Works

  • 1


    Send us your project info.
    List your token on the OTC page.

  • 2


    Inform your community of the optional token conversion.
    Interested community members should create and verify their Infinite E account.

  • 3


    Once the account is verified, token holders can transfer the amount of tokens they wish to swap into their account.
    Once the project conversion campaign goes live, token holders convert at the all-time high, and receive IE in exchange

What Are You Waiting For?

Send us your project information to list your token in our conversion campaign.